We recently invited families, Family Day staff and Caregivers to join us for a”Choose Your Own Adventure”-style, self-guided weekend of nature-based activities  …  and they did!

Our annual OPEN DOORS event was re-imaged for 2021!  Participants got to choose when, where and how many nature-based, fun, outdoor adventures they wanted to experience over the course of a weekend.

Participants were provided with a variety of activities and suggested materials in advance of the weekend.

The event took place over the weekend of October 9th to 11th — but these activities can be enjoyed by children and their families any time, so we decided to make our ‘Great Things Happen Outdoors’ resource package available to everyone so that the adventures could continue!  We hope you and your family are able to take some inspiration from it and let the outdoor adventures continue!

Click on image to access our Great Things Happen Outside Event resource package

Click on the image above to access our Great Things Happen Outside event resource package