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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and our concerns regarding the health, safety and well-being of children in a camp environment, Family Day made the difficult decision to cancel our summer camp programs this past July and August.

By the beginning of July, families had been home physically isolating for quite some time and children were likely missing their friends and educators.  That is why we were so pleased to be able to offer Summer Connections 2020 – an online opportunity for families to connect with our Summer Camp Educators throughout the summer.

Keeping in mind the children who would normally be attending our summer camp programs, each week we shared new online resources and prerecorded activities that were specifically aimed at engaging and connecting with children 4- to 12-years of age.

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, these are great resources, so we decided to keep them live on our website for children and their families to enjoy!

Check our our Summer Connections 2020 website!

Introducing EarlyON @ Family Day 

We are excited to introduce you to EarlyON @ Family Day, our newly created virtual platform that allows us to reach out to families and continue delivering our programs during this time of physical distancing.

Please visit our Facebook page, where you will be able to find our program schedule posted.  Need help setting up a Facebook account?  CLICK HERE for instructions.



(for when the kids don’t know what to do!)


Fun with Chalk!

Driveway Games — One piece of Chalk — 8 active games!

Try using DIY Ice Chalk to encourage artistic expression! 



April 22, 2020 marked 50 years of Earth Day !

The first Earth Day is credited with launching the modern environmental movement and is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event.  Here are some ways you and your family can observe Earth Day on any day!

  • Create a Nature Shadow Box (Suggested Age 2.5 to 6 years)
  • Create an Earth Day Pledge (Suggested Age 6 to 12 years)
  • Make homemade Bird Feeders   
  • Plant a seed in a jar, or clear container and watch it grow.
  • Go Camping in your Backyard
  • Create an Eco-system in a jar 
  • Backyard exploration – What can you see in your own space?
  • Make recycled paper (using old newspaper, a blender, water & a nylon stocking stretched over a coat hanger as a frame)
  • Have a litterless day.  Try to go through the day using only reusable materials. (It’s helpful to plan for this in advance.)
  • Play a memory game using natural materials
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt 
  • Build a cardboard marble run and use rocks as the marbles
  • Websites supporting Earth Day

Highlighting one of Family Day’s exceptional educators!

Meet Julianne Marie Torio, RECE

We want to give a shout-out to Julianne — a creative, enthusiastic and engaged RECE who we are fortunate to have as a member of our Lynnwood Heights Extended Day and School Age Program team.  Julianne has been a peer mentee, and in this role has supported Family Day’s Pedagogical Consultant with school age conversations over the past 3 years. Her commitment, passion and dedication to children, families, communities and fellow educators is evident through the many contributions she has made which have enriched programs across our agency.

Julianne has used this period of physical distancing to reach out to children and their families in a different way by making fun and informative videos that she shares online.  You can check out Julianne’s YouTube channel here!




Hand Up for Kids is an initiative created in response to the COVID – 19 impacts on the Toronto community, particularly towards alleviating food insecurity. This initiative aims to provide healthy meals to low income households with children and vulnerable youths that are in need. We have decided that in replacement of our weekly sandwich runs we have been hosting out of Moss park for the past 5 years, we will be switching to grocery runs.   


Great Resources from the World Health Organization

  • Healthy Parenting


More on family wellness 

Helping children understand Coronavirus

COVID-19 Booklet for Children (courtesy of – An activity booklet (for children under 7) you can share with your kids to help them understand COVID-19.

Talking to Children about COVID from CAMH 

Coronavirus Explained (for Kids) (Dr. Michelle Dickinson)

From Fear to Hope Workbook (Other Life Lessons | Dr. Tanya Cotler)

Children’s grief during COVID may look like anger. Here’s how parents can respond. (The Conversation)


Kids Helping Kids!

To help show young people they’re never alone — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic — Kids Help Phone asked young people from coast to coast to share their words of encouragement with each other. What a wonderful way to remind children that they’re never alone and that help is always available!  Check out some of the inspiring letters that they received!