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Outdoor Learning – Spring 2017

I recently participated in a professional learning opportunity that focused on outdoor learning. Together with 50 Family Day staff, I spent a wonderful day at Albion Hills taking part in sessions that taught us how to better engage children with nature.

The activities were led by Diane Kashin, along with Ian Faulds and Tanya Murray, who connected research to early childhood practice and the benefits of playing and learning outside. The positive and simple activities all demonstrated how we can build on our outdoor programming skills.

Children are keen observers of the natural world. We, as educators, need only take them to a park, go for a walk, and play games that engage their senses through sight, sound and smell and touch. The children will make the observations about what they see and hear; we just need to observe and listen.

Family Day will continue to build upon our knowledge and experience in this area of curriculum to ensure our programs offer a wide range of learning opportunities — during all seasons, both inside and outdoors.

On an end note, I’d like to thank all of our staff, sponsors and partners for their support of our sixth annual Bowling for Family Day. Your great support toward this event allows us to pursue special projects and offer support to children in need.

Joan Arruda