About Summer Connections 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and our concerns regarding the health, safety and wellbeing of children in a camp environment, Family Day made the difficult decision to cancel our Summer Camp 2020 programs. 
We have all been home, socially isolating and working differently for quite some time. Our children have also been at home socially isolating and are likely missing their friends and educators.
As we continue to work from home, we are proposing an opportunity for you to connect with our Summer Camp children during the summer, virtually, via the Family Day website.
We are looking at the possibility of hosting some virtual group meetings via ZOOM, sharing online resources and pre-recorded activities specifically aimed to engage and connect with children who might otherwise have attended our programs for children 4- to 12-years of age.
Thank you so much for your support.

Exploring the World Virtually

Ontario Science Centre

During their temporary closure, the Science Centre is coming to you! Check out their fun, educational and Science Centre-certified resources.


Toronto Zoo – Zoo School to YOU!

Join the folks at the Toronto Zoo for a virtual tour on a variety of curriculum-linked topics.  While you’re there, also check out their supporting resources and activities!

Read Me a Story

STEAM = Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Mathematics

LEGO Challenge –Disaster Island

Looking for idea to challenge the way you create with Lego, try this creative STEM Challenge.  If you don’t have Lego have no fear, this can be done with anything you can build with like: recyclable materials, wooden and connection blocks!

Bouncing Bubbles

For all those who have created homemade bubbles this recipe is different as it doesn’t require corn syrup or glycerine for the creation of strong bubbles that can bounce on your hand or fingers.  Try using your bare skin to catch and bounce the bubble vs. wearing a soft winter glove discover if there is a difference in the bubbles longevity!


Let's Play a Game - Outdoors

Limbo/Water Limbo

How low can you go? Get your music playing; use a rope for children to move under. Players must walk bent over backwards, feet first, without falling, while the others cheer them on. After each player makes it under the rope, the rope holders lower it closer to the ground and players try again and again until they can no longer make it under the rope. Warning, this game comes with a lot of laughter.

Basic Jump Rope Skills and Tricks

Jump rope songs

A demonstration and explanation of some of the basic jump rope skills and tricks, including the skier, the criss cross, the scissors and more. Skipping rope builds coordination and stamina.

Tree Tag

This is a game with simple rules.  Define an area of trees and one by one, take off to tag them all! The route is up to the runner while the rest will wait and time. The movements to tag the tree can vary…running, hoping, skipping, walk backwards, and side step. Skills: agility, dynamic balance, and speed. You can make this more challenging by calling out the tree name and the child has to find that type of tree and run to It.

Let's Play a Game - Indoors

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Fun, indoor scavenger hunts you can play on rainy days or any day you are looking for some fun indoors.  There are so many variations to choose from to keep you busy for hours.  Enjoy!

Family card game – Salute the King!

What is more fun than a Family Game night? This is a great game the whole family can play. This game has lots of interaction, movements and lots of laughing! The object of the game is to get rid all your cards. The first person to do that is declared the winner.

Miss Mary Mack  | Lemonade  |  Double Double This This   (Hand Clapping Games) 

A Hand clapping game is a cooperative game which is generally played by two players and involves clapping as a rhythmic accompaniment to a singing game or reciting of a rhyme, often nursery rhymes.

Time to Get Moving!

How to juggle with two balls   |   Juggle with 3 balls    |    Juggling Tricks!

Learn how to juggle-using a variety of objects that you have around your home.   You could use socks rolled up, small balls, paper scrunched up into ball shapes, scarves. Great step by step instruction by kids and narrated by kids, with very encouraging language and detailed steps on how to juggle.  This activity can be done outdoors or indoors.

Staying fit at home – BINGO

Have fun working out to fill out these fitness BINGO boards! Download the card to unlock the workouts in each box. Challenge your family and friends to see who can fill out the entire BINGO board first. Don’t forget to share your score on social media by tagging @SpecialOlympics and #InclusiveHealth.



Exploring Nature

Backyard Biodiversity Bingo

This is a great activity for the family to share together and explore their backyard or while on a walk at a nearby park!  A wonderful way to share in the experience of being outside and getting to know your natural environments in and around your community!

How to Make a Stick Picture Frame

Children will have fun collecting sticks, and a variety of interesting treasure to decorate their finished product. As the children explore their outdoor space they will be creating a connection and respect for the natural world. Be creative and have fun!  Recommended by Michelle from our Wexford program.

Master Chef Junior

Lime – Honey Fruit Salad

This no-bake recipe will give any seasonal fruit salad a refreshing twist.  The introduction of a plastic knife or paring knife to cut pieces of fruit for the salad helps develop eye-hand coordination and builds confidence and mastery of this utensil.

 Unicorn Veggie Dip

To go along side any tray of colourful vegetables you need a magical dip! Alexandra from Ross Doan shared this easy and tasty recipe for children of all ages to enjoy and create on their own. The magic comes from trying to keep the veggies from disappearing off your plate!  Shared by Alexandra from our Ross Doan Program!

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 1 – From Farm to Table

Planning a trip to the local farmers market or grocery store? Here are some great nut-free and child-friendly recipes that can help bring that farm to your table.  Most recipes are designed to be followed by School Age children but with some assistance from a parent or older sibling Kindergarten aged children should be able to make these as well!  Created by Laura from our Beryl Ford Program!


Educator's Pick

Kindergarten Physical Literacy Activities

During kindergarten, children’s coordination and balance skills will improve. They are better able to run, skip and jump without tripping most of the time. The development of these movement skills allows children more ability to move around in more complex environments and play active organized games. Your child will also begin to master motor skills using their hands and fingers.