Introducing Summer Connections 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and our concerns regarding the health, safety and well-being of children in a camp environment, Family Day made the difficult decision to cancel our summer camp programs.

Families have been home physically isolating for quite some time now and children are likely missing their friends and educators.  This is why we are so pleased to be able to offer Summer Connections 2020 – an online opportunity for families to connect with our Summer Camp Educators throughout July and August.

Keeping in mind the children who would normally be attending our summer camp programs, each week we will be sharing new online resources and prerecorded activities that are specifically aimed at engaging and connecting with children 4- to 12-years of age.  We will also be offering opportunities for online group conversations via ZOOM.

We look forward to having you join us virtually this summer!

Exploring the World Virtually

Explore the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

Thanks to Google, we are able to do a “walking tour” through the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa just by clicking our mouse. The tour allows you to wander through the hallways and many rooms of the buildings, including the Peace Tower Observation Deck; the Memorial Centre; the House of Commons; the Prime Minister’s Office; the Library of Parliament and one of the Meeting Rooms.  Combining this virtual walkthrough with videos from Parliament 360 that share more information on important parts of the buildings, and the school tour resources available online – and you can enjoy a great visit to Parliament.

Explore the Natural Museum of History (at South Kensington)

13 ways to explore from home!  Delve into the Museum from home with a virtual self-guided tour of the galleries, an interactive experience about Hope the blue whale and audio guides narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

A Paleo Adventure!

Royal Tyrrell Museum

This museum in Alberta is all about dinosaurs. Thanks for Google Maps and their streetview camera, you can wander around the museum as if you were there. In fact, I think you can even access some of the parts behind the scene that might not be able to access as a visitor.

Discover Canadian Farms!

Immerse Yourself in Canadian Farm and Food Tours


Gear up for Nature

Creator(s): Museum of Ingenuity | J. Armand Bombardier

Use your powers of observation and your ingenuity to track down the evil D. Tritus!

Your challenge:   improve the design of your car using the principles of biomimicry. Let nature inspire you to boost the car’s performance. Meet Canadian experts in this field and discover innovative technologies.

For billions of years, animals have managed to survive, develop solutions and face challenges similar to ours. Now it’s up to us to study their solutions to design more efficient and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Take a Panoramic Tour of Toronto!

Tour brought to you by


Walk to Canary Spring  |   Walk to Upper Falls

Go for a virtual walks from the upper terrace parking lot to Canary Spring at Mammoth Hot Springs or from Uncle Tom’s parking area to the overlook of the Upper Falls.

Ontario Science Centre

During their temporary closure, the Science Centre is coming to you! Check out their fun, educational and Science Centre-certified resources.


Toronto Zoo – Zoo School to YOU!

Join the folks at the Toronto Zoo for a virtual tour on a variety of curriculum-linked topics.  While you’re there, also check out their supporting resources and activities!

Read Me a Story

Catching the Moon

Written by Crystal Hubbard  |  Illustrated by Randy DuBurke

If there was anything in the world better than playing baseball, Marcenia Lyle didn’t know what it was. As a young girl in the 1930s, she chased down fly balls and stole bases, and dreamed of one day playing professional ball. With spirit, spunk, and a great passion for the sport, Marcenia struggled to overcome the objections of family, friends, and coaches, who felt a girl had no place in the field. When she finally won a position in a baseball summer camp sponsored by the St. Louis Cardinals, Marcenia was on her way to catching her dream. Full of warmth and youthful energy, Catching the Moon is the story of the girl who grew up to become the first woman to play for an all-male professional baseball team. Readers everywhere will be inspired by her courage to dream and determination to succeed.

Pete the Cat

Written by Eric Litwan |  Illustrated by James Dean

There’s a new guy in town and Pete can’t wait to meet him. After all, more friends means more fun. But who can he be? When Pete finally meets Gus, he realizes they’re very different from each other. But that’s what makes him cool, Gus is special in his own way, just like Pete and just like you, and there is something everyone can do! Read Pete the Cat and the New Guy by Kimberly and James Dean today! 

Read by Betty White

Harry the Dirty Dog

Written by Gene Zion  |  Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham

Harry is a white dog with black spots who loves everything…except baths. So one day before bath time, Harry runs away.



Ready by Kristen Bell

Written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen  |  Illustrated by Brian T. Jones

Crack open this tale of family and fright, as cute as it is creepy. All the animals in the zoo have friends and family to play with and love. All of them, that is, except Quackenstein. Lonely and bitter in his ramshackle corner, he decides to adopt an egg. He cares for it diligently, waiting until the moment when it will hatch a baby duck of his own.

No Mirrors in my Nana’s House

Read by Tia & Tamera Mowry

Written by Ysaye M. Barnwell  |  Illustrated by Synthia Sant James

There are no mirrors in my Nana’s house. No mirrors to reflect the cracks in the wall, the clothes that don’t fit, the trash in the hallway. No mirrors. But there is love. The beauty in this child’s world is in her Nana’s eyes. It’s like the rising of the sun…


Read by Camryn Manheim

Enemy Pie

Written by Derek Munson  |  Illustrated by Tara Calahan King

It was the perfect summer. That is, until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became Enemy Number One. Luckily, Dad has a surefire way to get rid of enemies – Enemy Pie.

Read by Dulé Hill

As Fast As Words Could Fly

Written by Pamela M. Tuck  |  Illustrated by Eric Velasquez
Mason Steele, an African American boy in 1960s Greenville, North Carolina, relies on his inner confidence and his typing skills to face challenges and break racial barriers after he begins attending a “whites-only” high school.

Read by Angela Bassett

Trombone Shorty

Written by Troy Andrews  |  Illustrated by Bryan Collier  

Hailing from the Tremé neighborhood in New Orleans, Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews got his nickname by wielding a trombone twice as long as he was high. A prodigy, he was leading his own band by age six, and today this Grammy-nominated artist headlines the legendary New Orleans Jazz Fest.

I am Peace, A Book of Mindfulness 

Written by Susan Verde  |  Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

When the world feels chaotic, find peace within through an accessible mindfulness practice.  Express emotions through direct speech. Find empathy through imagination. Connect with the earth. Wonder at the beauty of the natural world. Breathe, taste, smell, touch, and be present.

Same, Same But Different

Written & illustrated by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Elliot lives in America, and Kailash lives in India. They are pen pals. By exchanging letters and pictures, they learn that they both love to climb trees, have pets, and go to school. Their worlds might look different, but they are actually similar. Same, same. But different!

Read by Oprah Winfrey

 The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen

Written by Thelma Godin  |  Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton 

Kameeka is confident that today she will finally beat her rival, Jamara, and become the Hula-Hoopin’ Queen of 139th Street. But Mama reminds her that today is Miz Adeline’s birthday, and Kameeka has a ton of chores to do.

Read by Allison Janney

 Carla’s Sandwich

Written by Debbie Herman  |  Illustrated by Sheila Bailey

When Carla brings weird sandwiches to school, her classmates have plenty to say about them. “That’s sick!” says Leslie. “That’s disgusting!” says Natie. But Carla thinks otherwise. “It’s unique. It’s creative.” Just like Carla. 


STEAM = Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Mathematics

Making Moon Sand

Learn how to make your own Moon Sand with this video put together by Adriana from our Roselawn school age program.  With just 2 ingredients of flour and baby oil you mix and knead to make a molding sand that you can use for creating structures or molding shapes and letters.  Great fine motor activity and sensory experience!  Created and recorded by Adriana from Roselawn

STEM Challenge: One-Piece-of-Paper Paper Chain Contest

Calling all friends and/or family for this creative and fun math challenge!  Create the longest paper chain using only one sheet of paper.  All instructions are easily laid out for you to follow and the materials can’t be simpler. Good luck!  Shared by Odessa from Bayview Fairways

Architecture with Recycled Materials and Loose Parts

Using recycled materials and loose parts found around the house. Children can connect with their inner Architect.  They can build bridges, roads, tunnels very tall tower, design their own city, recreate a famous building (CN Tower, a pyramid from Egypt) the possibilities are endless


Creating Bubble Snakes

Children can create the bubble blower.  Using bubble solution, children can blow a long bubble snake. Let’s see how long we can make the snake!


Build a Marble Run with Playdough!

Children are able to work in a group or individually with this activity. Children need to create a 2D plan to create a flat marble run. With the help of the playdough, children can form their marble run however they want.

How to make gluten-free playdough

How to make playdough without cream of tartar.

Sprout House

The science of germination and the engineering of an Architect combine in this activity to bring a new meaning to the word “greenhouse”.  The materials you will need to complete this challenge are plain sponges, scissors, toothpicks, plate, hot glue gun (optional) and fast growing seeds like wheat berry, chia and/or alfalfa sprouts. Shared by Michelle from Randall

Ice Cream in a Bag

This is a yummy activity for the hot summer days!  Children combine all the ingredients; add different flavors and add-ins.  They can predict what will happen, discuss the changes that are happening, and then enjoy eating the ice cream.

DIY Bottle Rocket

What goes up must come down, that is the concept behind this DIY rocket!  Try and hunt down a light plastic bottle or two from your recycle bin and with a few things you might be able to find around your home like tape, a cork, coloured pencils, vinegar, baking soda and PRESTO this concept can become a reality! Shared by Joylyne from Randall

Make an Origami Zoo!

Learn how to create paper art animals by folding paper!  Inhye guides us through the creative process of Origami and shares her landscape of a zoo using natural materials, coloured pencils and her imagination.  You too can watch and create your own animals and landscapes!  Created and recorded by Inhy (Lina) from Kennedy

Ramp Challenge 

Tune in to this recorded challenge of ramps and angles created by Jacob and Denise using simple materials and items found around their home.  Build your own ramp challenge yourself or involve family and friends for a fun filled event!

Created and recorded by Jacob and Denise from Divine Infant

Tin Foil Boat Float 

Makes no difference if you are camping or stuck in your home on a rainy day, this activity is fun and full of challenge.  A few materials like a large container, water, tin foil and old pennies or plastic bottle tops will give you enough to start your next discovery.  Shared by Alexandra from Ross Doan

Have you ever made a homemade volcano with baking soda and vinegar?  This STEAM challenge will help you use the same chemical reactive process but in an art discovery!

Bouncing Bubbles

For all those who have created homemade bubbles this recipe is different as it doesn’t require corn syrup or glycerine for the creation of strong bubbles that can bounce on your hand or fingers.  Try using your bare skin to catch and bounce the bubble vs. wearing a soft winter glove discover if there is a difference in the bubbles longevity!

LEGO Challenge –Disaster Island

Looking for idea to challenge the way you create with Lego, try this creative STEM Challenge.  If you don’t have Lego have no fear, this can be done with anything you can build with like: recyclable materials, wooden and connection blocks!

Let's Play a Game - Outdoors

Bucket Toss Golf

This activity develops coordination of arms and torso, fine and gross motor control.  These skills transfer to sports and activities that involve throwing an object. All these developmental skills rolled up into one fun game.  Activity brought to you by Anu from Cedarwood Markham

Giant Sized Rhyming Memory Game

This is a great way to sneak in some learning in an outdoor game! This game can focus on many curriculum areas. Numbers, letter recognition, colour matching, just to name a few. This a fun giant-sized rhyming memory game can be played alone or with a small group.  Activity brought to you by Odessa from Bayview Fairways

DIY Bubble Games

Jazz up your regular bubble play with these Fun Bubble Games. Turn your bubbles into a game of tag, a relay race, or a game of hide and seek.

Water Balloon Piñata

If you are looking for a fun summer activity that can cool everyone off quickly, this is the perfect game.  Piñata and water balloons together in one game, that’s a combination for fun!! Activity brought to you by Anu (Cedarwood, Markham)

Please note:  Children can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required for this activity. Keep uninflated balloons from children and discard broken balloons at once.

Throwing and Catching Games

Practice up on the fundamental skills of throwing and catching.  Enjoy games like target throwing, bucket toss golf, and cardboard javelin.  These games are easy to create with minimal equipment.  Let’s get moving and enjoy the outdoors.


Time My Move

Choose a move and see how long you can perform it while another uses a timer to measure. How long can they balance on one foot?  How long will it take to run up a hill? How long can they keep up a balloon?

Use Your Noodles!  Backyard Games

Let’s get moving using pool noodles.  You can have hours of fun creating these game like Target station, hopscotch, and soccer wickets. So get outside and have some fun!  Activity brought to you by Anu from Cedarwood Markham

Pop/Water Bottle Bowling

Are you looking for a fun way to spend some time outside and breathe in that fresh air? How about a fun game of bowling? You don’t even need to spend any extra money on a set either.  You can make one from materials you probably already have!

Blindfold Tag

Dodge the grasp of a blindfolded player. If they catch you, it’s your turn to wear the blindfold. This is a fun game for three or more players so your brothers and sisters, moms and dads, and even grandparents, can join in the fun. The more the merrier! 

Shared by Joylyne from Randall

Limbo/Water Limbo

How low can you go? Get your music playing; use a rope for children to move under. Players must walk bent over backwards, feet first, without falling, while the others cheer them on. After each player makes it under the rope, the rope holders lower it closer to the ground and players try again and again until they can no longer make it under the rope. Warning, this game comes with a lot of laughter.

Basic Jump Rope Skills and Tricks

Jump rope songs

A demonstration and explanation of some of the basic jump rope skills and tricks, including the skier, the criss cross, the scissors and more. Skipping rope builds coordination and stamina.

Tree Tag

This is a game with simple rules.  Define an area of trees and one by one, take off to tag them all! The route is up to the runner while the rest will wait and time. The movements to tag the tree can vary…running, hoping, skipping, walk backwards, and side step. Skills: agility, dynamic balance, and speed. You can make this more challenging by calling out the tree name and the child has to find that type of tree and run to It.

Let's Play a Game - Indoors

Treasure Hunt

Hide an item somewhere inside your home, write clues to find the items. Maybe they need to crawl across the couch, slide like a snail under a bed, reach behind a stool, or, if they’re outside, run to the pine tree, jump off a tree stump, dig into a hole, etc.  Each clue can have words for older kids and pictures for younger ones.

Ball Shaker Game (Win it in a Minute Game)

Take an empty tissue paper box and fill with ping pong balls. Take a sash, scarf or pantyhose, thread it through the box and then tie it around your waist. Encourage kids to shake out the balls in X number of seconds or minutes. If you don’t have ping pong balls you can stuff with large bells, or anything soft, round and not too heavy.  Shared by Odessa from Bayview Fairways

Create a Box Board Game

What a great idea to repurpose materials that might be hanging around your home waiting to go into the recycling bin.  Why not use those cardboard boxes to create your own board game?

Paper-Bag Skits

This indoor game is ideal for the actor in you.   Collect props and dress up clothes from around your house. Take 15 minutes to construct a skit around the props. This game is fun for the whole family.


Sock Ball Games |  6 active games kids can play with a pair of socks

Staying active is essential for the physical, mental, and emotional health of parents and children alike. Here are a few simple games with sock balls that kids can play indoors with limited space and equipment—including single-player games kids can enjoy even when a parent or sibling isn’t able to join them.  Start by raiding your sock drawer !  Shared by Anu from Parkland


DIY Pick Up Sticks From Chopsticks

Pick up sticks is a fun game for any age and if you don’t have pick up sticks in the house no worries you can make your own set from using the free chopsticks given out with take-out food.  If you don’t have any ask family members if they have any and/or ask them to start collecting them for you.  You can make them any colour you want just click on this link.  Shared by Vinita from Flemingdon

Make your own Zoom ball

To make your own zoom ball all you will need are 2 water bottles, scissors, 2 long pieces of string, and some duct tape. With this zoom ball you can work on hand strengthening, range of motion, arm strength, and motor planning.  Shared by Vinita from Flemingdon

Cardboard Miniature Golf

Planning and creating a miniature golf course with some cardboard boxes and tubes can be a fun way to spend some time with family and give new purpose to materials that might be hanging around your home!

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Fun, indoor scavenger hunts you can play on rainy days or any day you are looking for some fun indoors.  There are so many variations to choose from to keep you busy for hours.  Enjoy!

Family card game – Salute the King!

What is more fun than a Family Game night? This is a great game the whole family can play. This game has lots of interaction, movements and lots of laughing! The object of the game is to get rid all your cards. The first person to do that is declared the winner.

Hand Clapping Games

Miss Mary Mack  | Lemonade  |  Double Double This This  

A Hand clapping game is a cooperative game which is generally played by two players and involves clapping as a rhythmic accompaniment to a singing game or reciting of a rhyme, often nursery rhymes.

Time to Get Moving!

Zumba for Kids

Zumba Kids – This video is an easy to follow for younger children or the young at heart.  Learn simple moves to the catchy song “I like to Move It”.  Check it out!

Cardboard Slide

You will need a large cardboard box to flatten and fit it to your stairs.  Children can race cars and balls down the stairs and then they can try sliding down the cardboard themselves. They will be hooked!  Shared by Odessa from Bayview Fairway

This activity may best be done with adult supervision.

Learn the Cupid Shuffle

This popular line dance is filled with easy to do dance moves for the whole family! This video will guide you through the steps and help you to build your courage when faced with joining in when the music gets played at your next friend or family function!

Target Practice

This activity focuses on the fundamentals of over hand throwing.  Targets are set up; the children use balls, rolled up socks, or any other objects that can be used to throw.  Points can be recorded; the children can spell out there names by hitting the letter targets. Throwing distance can be measured by using a throw line.

Work Out Circuit with Julianne from Lynnewood

Julianne is back with another workout circuit for you to try out!  You will need a Yoga Mat or Carpet , Dumbbells, canned goods or Water Bottles and a Jump Rope (If you don’t have these items not to worry there will be alternate movements to do). Remember your comfy clothes and shoes to workout in!  Also a water bottle and sunscreen if you doing this workout outside.

Pokemon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Join Jaime on a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure inspired by the amazing Pokémon universe and join the journey to become a Pokémon master. Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world. Healthy screen time with fun and movement. Shared by Yolana from Parkland

Creative Movement Maze

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3; all you need is some tape and floor space.  Watch this video and you too can create a movement maze including jumping jacks, balancing, crab crawl and so much more.  You can use the ideas in the video or use your imagination and create your own movement maze!  Shared by Samina from Bayview Hill

Helpful Tips!  Painters tape is a good choice when creating your movement maze.   Create an outside maze using sidewalk chalk instead of tape.

Animal Yoga

Animal yoga for kids is relaxing, builds breathing awareness and self-inquiry, while also being a safe and calming activity for kids.  It connects your child to their natural world too.  Shared by Ashley from Randall


How to juggle with 2 balls   |   Juggle with 3 balls    |    Juggling Tricks!

Learn how to juggle-using a variety of objects that you have around your home.   You could use socks rolled up, small balls, paper scrunched up into ball shapes, scarves. Great step by step instruction by kids and narrated by kids, with very encouraging language and detailed steps on how to juggle.  This activity can be done outdoors or indoors.

Staying fit at home – BINGO

Have fun working out to fill out these fitness BINGO boards! Download the card to unlock the workouts in each box. Challenge your family and friends to see who can fill out the entire BINGO board first. Don’t forget to share your score on social media by tagging @SpecialOlympics and #InclusiveHealth.

Exploring Nature

Let’s learn about agriculture – Growing a Garden

Gardening is not just for the spring and  summer — there are many fruits, veggies & flowers  that can be planted for a fall harvest.  Gardening is one of the healthiest outdoor activities for children and could be the start of a lifelong hobby.  Learn about how to start your garden and what plants you can start growing.  Activity brought to you by Joylyne from Randall

Painting with nature paint brushes

Collecting your nature for this activity is half the fun.  Go on a walk and see what interesting things you can find.  Look for different textures and patterns.  Talk about which pieces of nature you think will make good prints.  Then have fun creating a nature masterpiece.  Activity brought to you by Michelle from Wexford

Pine Cone Weather Station

Did you know that a pinecone can tell the weather?  Check out these pinecone facts and make sure you try the experiment.

Shake the tree

What do you think you might find living in a tree?   All you need to do to find out is spread light coloured sheet under a tree, give the tree a little shake and see what lands on the sheet.  Activity Brought to You by Ashely from Randall


Backyard Science

Put on your lab coat and test your environmental knowledge.  These nature based backyard experiments  will spark your interest about science in your own backyard. Activity brought to you by Michelle from Wexford

Nature Maze

Activity brought to you by Ashley from Randal MarkhamBefore you start this activity you will need to collect materials like pine cones, rocks, and stick to create a maze.  You can also use recycled materials or loose parts to create the maze. Your maze can be as big or as challenging as you like.  Once you are done invite your family to work their way through your maze. Activity brought to you by Ashley from Randal Markham

Planting Tomatoes

Join Uzma from Parkland for some fun step-by-step instructions on how to plant and grow tomatoes.  Follow along with Uzma and soon you and your family will be able to enjoy the sweet, fresh taste of home grown tomatoes.  

Homemade Bird Feeder

Homemade bird feeders are fun and easy to make. When finished, hang them up and let the children have fun watching the birds enjoy their handiwork!  Activity brought to you by Michelle from Wexford.

Nature Art

Get outside and create some nature art using natural materials and some clay.  Let your imagination go wild!  Try creating a portrait of your favourite animal or a nature scene.

How to Make a Stick Picture Frame

Children will have fun collecting sticks, and a variety of interesting treasure to decorate their finished product. As the children explore their outdoor space they will be creating a connection and respect for the natural world. Be creative and have fun!  Recommended by Michelle from our Wexford program.

Backyard Biodiversity Bingo

This is a great activity for the family to share together and explore their backyard or while on a walk at a nearby park!  A wonderful way to share in the experience of being outside and getting to know your natural environments in and around your community!


Master Chef Junior

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 6 – Beach Bash

Quinoa Lettuce Wraps, Grilled Pineapple & Watermelon Kabobs and Beach Cake are just a small sample of what you and your family could create for a picnic at the beach.  A variety of recipes are offered in this booklet for all different skill levels and tastes so explore and plan ahead for your next beach outing!  Created by Laura from Beryl Ford.

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 5 – Going on a Picnic

Creamy Hummus, Black Bean Veggie Burgers, Rice Lettuce Wraps and Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes are just a small sample of what you and your family could create for a picnic at the park.  A variety of recipes are offered in this booklet for all different skill levels and tastes so explore and plan ahead for your next outing! Created by Laura from Beryl Ford

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 4 – Fly to Asia

For this week we are exploring Asian recipes like fresh Mango Salad, Dessert Sushi Rolls, Naan Bread and Vegetable Butter Chicken.  With a handful of wonderful recipes you and your family can create an Asian journey with food! Created by Laura from Beryl Ford

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 3 – 6 Ingredients or Less

Less is more for this collection of recipes! From easy 2 ingredient Baked Apple Chips to a more challenging 6 Ingredient Cauliflower Fritter, there is something for everyone of all skill levels and tastes.  Created by Laura from Beryl Ford

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 2 – A Trip to Europe

In this collection of recipes you will find many different cooking levels available to you and your family so plan ahead for a tour through food! From Spanish Churros and Italian Tiramisu to German Pretzels you should be able to find a European classic to create and enjoy. Created by Laura from Beryl Ford

Kids in The Kitchen: Week 1 – From Farm to Table

Planning a trip to the local farmers market or grocery store? Here are some great nut-free and child-friendly recipes that can help bring that farm to your table.  Most recipes are designed to be followed by School Age children but with some assistance from a parent or older sibling Kindergarten aged children should be able to make these as well!  Created by Laura from our Beryl Ford Program!

Making Kulfi

Join Anu for some video instruction on making a traditional Indian ice cream called Kulfi. A few simple ingredients of condensed milk, evaporated milk, bread and your own add-ins will have you enjoying a cool summer treat after some freezing time in the freezer!  Created by Anu from Cedarwood.

Cheddar Corn Dog Muffins

This recipe is for little hands to create this classic theme park food fare, the Corn Dog. It offers a few different versions and with careful planning you too can create this tasty treat for friends and family.  Shared by Michelle from Wexford.

West Indian Bakes for Kids (Using Cookie Cutters)

Known as Bakes, Fried Bakes, or Johnny Cakes depending on the island, these slightly sweet pieces of fried dough are crisp on the outside and airy on the inside.  Using cookie cutters in different shapes is a fun twist, manageable for smaller hands and a tasty addition to any plate.

Raspberry Lemonade Slushies

Fresh fruit slushies made with all natural fruit ingredients are so refreshing to enjoy during the sunny, hot days of summer.  This is one combination of ingredients but with a little practice and exploring different combinations of fruit, you can have a whole collection of slushies to make with or for the family! Shared by Ashley from Randall

Pizza Bagels

No pizza dough, no problem!  With this easy recipe and a few ingredients like bagels, cheese, pizza or pasta sauce this can be your new pizza option. Remember, leftovers are your friend if you are lucky enough to have some baked chicken or grilled vegetables to add to your pizza bagel.

Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana Pops

If you are looking to take that plain banana to the next level, then this recipe is the one for you!  Easy and colourful ideas are shared in this recipe for creating this sweet treat that will leave you wanting to repeat this work of edible food art, time and time again. Shared by Alexandra from Ross Doan.

The Yolky Gargantuan Turkey & Egg-in-a-Hole Breakfast Sandwich

Tired of the basic breakfast meal day in and day out? Try this creation that takes a simple breakfast sandwich to the next level with colourful, layered ingredients like turkey and avocado. This is sure to be epic!  Shared by Amita from Kennedy

Southwestern Pasta Salad

A little bit of planning ahead will make this light and healthy pasta salad on the menu in the near future! This salad does require some measuring so get those measuring cups and spoons ready to do some work.

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark Recipe

Think about creating this easy, refreshing and healthy snack for yourself and your family for the hot summer days ahead.  Simply taking vanilla yogurt, colourful cut up fruits and freezing them on a cookie sheet will give you a new twist on this simple treat combination. Shared by Michelle from Wexford

Lime – Honey Fruit Salad

This no-bake recipe will give any seasonal fruit salad a refreshing twist.  The introduction of a plastic knife or paring knife to cut pieces of fruit for the salad helps develop eye-hand coordination and builds confidence and mastery of this utensil.

 Unicorn Veggie Dip

To go along side any tray of colourful vegetables you need a magical dip! Alexandra from Ross Doan shared this easy and tasty recipe for children of all ages to enjoy and create on their own. The magic comes from trying to keep the veggies from disappearing off your plate!  Shared by Alexandra from our Ross Doan Program


Educator's Pick

Kids are Natural Comedians!

Reading a joke book is a great way to encourage children to read.  Jokes are short, so not too laborious to read, and your child wants to know the answer so is motivated to read more. Jokes make them laugh so they associate reading with having fun.  Check out these two sites for kid-approved, every day clean jokes that they can add to their repertoire.

Or suggest they create their own book of favourite jokes!  → Make your own Joke Book

5  Literacy Activities to Play With Your Child

Looking to inject a little fun into your child’s spelling, vocabulary, or sight word learning? These games will do the trick. 

Shared by Joylyne at Randall

Make and Create Your Own Word Search

Follow the link below to create your own word search.  It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!  Choose the words you want to put into your puzzle.  Once your puzzle is created, you can challenge your family members to find the words as fast as they can.  You can even set a timer if you want for an added challenge.

Shared by Joylyne at Randall

Kindergarten Physical Literacy Activities

During kindergarten, children’s coordination and balance skills will improve. They are better able to run, skip and jump without tripping most of the time. The development of these movement skills allows children more ability to move around in more complex environments and play active organized games. Your child will also begin to master motor skills using their hands and fingers.