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A Very Fond Farewell – Spring 2019

I have had the tremendous privilege of leading Family Day as its CEO since May, 2004. It has been an amazing 15 years, but at the end of June, I will be retiring to spend time with my husband and family. After a career that has spanned 45 years, I am looking forward to enjoying life at a slower pace.

I started my career in Early Childhood Education in 1972 and, since that time, have worked in a variety of roles within the sector, learning and growing in every role I assumed. Completing my career with Family Day — an agency with diverse early learning services such as centre-based child care, home child care, special needs resourcing, and EarlyON family support programs — is really a fulfillment of all of my early career goals.

At the time of writing these notes, I do not know who my successor will be. However, I do know that the Board of Directors has engaged in an excellent process to select the new CEO, and I will be very happy to support the new leader’s transition into Family Day.

During my time here, the agency has faced numerous challenges and opportunities. While some changes seemed to move with lightning speed, we often wished important work would move faster. Through it all, I have been honoured to work with an amazing group of staff who work with children and families all through the organization. Whether in head office, Family Day programs, or our union, I want to thank the numerous individuals with whom I have worked.

I am so appreciative of the management team at Family Day for your support — it means so much to me.

I am thankful for the many positive relationships with other community agencies, government bodies, and our funders for their collaboration and attention.

And, to the families and children who walk through the door every day to utilize our programs or services, I have enjoyed all of your feedback, as it has helped us improve our services.

Finally, to the individuals on the Family Day Board of Directors who volunteer their time and expertise to provide the critical governance role as a charitable, non-profit organization, I have truly appreciated the opportunity to lead this organization. I also appreciate the support you have given our organization during the major sector transformations of the last 15 years.

To each and every one of you: Thank you for the part you have played in my success during my time at Family Day.

Joan Arruda