2022/2023 Annual Report

In the post-pandemic environment, we're focused on overall wellbeing and creating a sense of belonging at Family Day, for our teams and caregivers, and the children, families, and communities we support. We're still transitioning to “the new normal...
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2021/2022 Annual Report

While navigating another year of pandemic-related complexities, our important work continued without interruption—ensuring that our vision, mission and strategic directives where upheld....
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2020/2021 Annual Report

This has been an unprecedented year of change and challenge.  Throughout the past year of the global pandemic, at Family Day we have witnessed an unwavering commitment and dedication - from all levels of our organization - to the children and famili...
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2019/2020 Annual Report

Engaging families to support children’s learning is central to promoting healthy child development. We've captured stories that reflect our commitment to family engagement and illustrate the many positive impacts of the work we do each day....
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2018-19 Annual Report

Innovation at all levels: During the third year of our five-year strategic plan, our focus on innovation widened and took on greater depth.
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2017-18 Annual Report

Our Vision: A society where all children achieve their potential Our Mission: Leading innovation in early learning, child care and family support services Our Strategic Directives: 1. Driving Innovation 2. Attracting Innovators 3. Enabling I...
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2016-17 Annual Report

Family Day has always been an innovator; the agency, has been a forerunner during its long and remarkable history. Since 1851, Family Day has continually transformed and stayed on top of an ever-changing sector. The new strategic plan takes us even f...
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2015-16 Annual Report

At Family Day, we take pride in our people, our programs, and our contributions to the many communities we serve. We’d like to highlight a few of those things here. This past year has been marked by transformation at both Family Day and in child ca...
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2014-15 Annual Report

2014-2015 was the final year of implementation of full-day kindergarten in Ontario and while Family Day continued to be impacted by this transition, we successfully adapted and experienced growth. In addition to some expansion in our school age progr...
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2013-14 Annual Report

2013-2014 was an exciting year at Family Day, one where our commitment to the needs of diverse families really showed. The Board of Directors and senior staff completed an environmental scan and finalized a strategic plan to take Family Day throug...
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