Our Way Forward

Strategic Plan  |  2023 – 2025

Improving, increasing and expanding access to Family Day programs and services for children and families drives every aspect of our operations.  While continuing to embrace the rollout of the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care plan (which aims to reduce the cost of child care to an average of $10 per day by 2026), we also continue our advocacy efforts to address fair compensation and the ongoing recruitment and retention challenges in the early learning & child care sector.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and our municipal partners, Family Day is working towards a more transparent, accessible, affordable and inclusive child care system for all families in Ontario.  From creating and delivering evidence-based pedagogy, processes, programs and services, to strongly advocating for equity, diversity and inclusiveness, to sharing our knowledge across the globe through the World Forum, Family Day also remains committed to sector leadership and innovation.

The pandemic underscored the need for capacity and the ability to operate efficiently in evolving environments.  It also highlighted the continuing need to invest in and support our people. Our teams have had to learn a lot to be responsive to the rapidly changing needs of our families and communities.  In this post-pandemic environment, we are focused on overall wellbeing and creating a sense of belonging, for our teams and caregivers, and the children, families, and communities we support.

Our Way Forward, Family Day’s Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2025, is a reflection of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our teams and the people we serve.  It demonstrates our commitment to a modern, innovative, inclusive and responsive organization that puts children, families, and communities, first.

We genuinely care for our families and will continue seeking opportunities to welcome even more of them—today and tomorrow.  Improving, increasing and expanding access—and service excellence—is Our Way Forward!

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