Family Day’s Toronto Integration Services Program is part of the Every Child Belongs program. The agency employs four, full-time Integration Services Coordinators who support children with special needs in home child care and child care centres within Toronto East.

Provided support can include:

  • Regular visits to programs
  • Early identification and intervention
  • Individual consultation
  • Program consultation
  • Staff and provider training
  • Program adaptations and environmental assessments
  • Service coordination and referral

Parents are required to complete a parent consent form in order for the consultation process to begin. A request for services can be made by a centre supervisor, program coordinator or a parent in a licensed program. Access our flyer for more information.

Children with Special Needs

Family Day welcomes children with special needs into all of our programs. In our Toronto Home Child Care Program we offer Integration Services to families with children (from birth to 12 years of age) who have diagnosed special needs.

  • Our Early Childhood Specialists partner with caregivers to provide an integrated program in a home setting.
  • Our goal is to provide each child with a rich, stimulating program suited to meet individual learning and developmental needs.
  • Caregivers are carefully selected, and receive ongoing training to work with children with special needs.
  • Caregivers have current Standard First Aid Infant and Child CPR training.
  • Our Integration Services team partners with the family to provide support in:
    • connecting families to other community services
    • accessing available resources like child care subsidy and special services at home
    • developing individual program plans for each child


Child Care Centres in Northwest Scarborough

South of Steeles Ave East, north of Hwy 401/Sheppard Ave East
east of Kennedy Rd., west of Markham Rd.
Contact Jennifer Dantas: 416-430-7407

Child Care Centres in Northeast North York

South of Steeles Ave East, north of Hwy 401
east of Bayview Ave., west of Victoria Park Ave.
Contact Victoria Chan: 416-430-7420

Home Child Care Agencies in Toronto

Contact Rakhee Gill: 416-430-7415 or
Munazza Shehzad: 416-430-7413