Family Day Innovation Centre

The Centre for Excellence in Child Care, founded in 1995, is now known as the Family Day Innovation Centre. The goal remains the same: “to improve the quality of child care through funding and support for research projects and professional consultation with other organizations.”

Operating under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Family Day Innovation Centre is a ‘virtual entity’ supporting projects that can be described as discovery-based, knowledge-building, collaborative, rigorous and credible – activities that enhance creative program design.

In everything we do, our priority continues to be to enhance the health, education and development of young children and their families. We are actively seeking partners, including post-secondary educational institutions that share our vision; funding is available to assist with selected projects.


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Quality Early Learning Network

The Quality Early Learning Network (QELN), of which Family Day is a member, is an association of 18 non-profit organizations delivering early childhood education and care services in Southern Ontario.

In its paper “SOLUTIONS – How the Ontario government can rescue and ensure the viability and quality of the province’s child care system,” QELN offers the Ontario government a comprehensive plan to ensure the ongoing viability and quality of the province’s child care services. The paper outlines the significant financial challenges facing the sector, as well research documenting the significant economic, social and educational benefits derived from an accessible, high-quality child care system. Finally, it sets forth recommendations for short-, mid- and long-term actions. Read the paper.

The Centre for Excellence in Child Care has supported three major initiatives:

  • Quality in Home Child Care Settings: A Critical Review of Current Theory and Research, 2000
  • The Elora Partnership, 2001
  • International Conference on Child Care, 2002