St. Charles Garnier Before & After School Programs

Address: 16 Castle Rock Drive, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5H5, Canada
Intersection: Avenue/Carville

Ages: Kindergarten, School Age

Hours: 7:00 AM to Start of school | End of school to 6:00 PM

Contact through Ross Doan Early Learning & Child Care | 905-780-0769

To apply, call 416-922-3434 or 1-800-263-9703 or apply online.

For information on a child care fee subsidy, please contact the Regional Municipality of York’s Integrated Children’s Services Department

Centre Phone: 905-780-0769

Family Day’s Before & After School Programs offer a positive and safe environment that nurtures children socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  This environment encourages the development of happy, self-motivated, and independent children. Our Educators are committed to providing stimulating and creative programs, which are flexible and adapted to children’s needs.

  • We offer before and after school care child care children aged 4 to 6 in Full Day Kindergarten. This program is delivered in partnership with the school board.
  • Our Before & After School program designed for children aged 6 to 12 provides a safe and stimulating before- and after-school experience.

Please go to our Family Handbooks page to access our Before & After School Family Handbook.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children and families are central to everything we do. We believe in understanding and responding to the needs of our community. We believe in collaboration, support,  and mutual respect.

Family-Centred Child Care

Family Day recognizes the importance of the family and the community in child development. As a family-centred child care organization, we work to strengthen the relationships among children, families and communities. Family Day understands culture, diversity, community and public policy all affect child and family development. We support our families and recognize and respect parents as the most important caregivers for children.

8 key principles guiding Family Day staff

  1. Each family has its own characteristics, strengths and resources.
  2. All families have strengths.
  3. Children and their families are part of a community.
  4. Families have the most influence on their children.
  5. Parents have interests, roles and responsibilities in addition to their family responsibilities.
  6. There are many ways for a family to be involved with their child’s care.
  7. Families and staff both have something to offer each other.
  8. Staff have opportunities to develop family-centred child care practices.

What our Commitment to Family-Centred care means

  • Family members are encouraged to become involved in our programs.
  • We promote partnerships with families through communication such as newsletters and special events and program
  • Staff and caregivers honour family diversity and values.
  • Staff and caregivers support parents’ efforts to advocate for their children.
  • We work to establish links between families and the community.
  • Family Day parents, staff and caregivers are partners in caring for children. We work to develop relationships that build trust and confidence.

To go on our waitlist or learn more about child care programs at Family Day, please see our Child Care Enquiry page.  or call 416-922-3434 or 1-800-263-9703


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