By Family Day Care

Fall 2016

The process of creativity is a very personal one for children. As an RECE, I have always enjoyed observing children create in whatever medium they are working. Messy play and the role of experimentation are so important to learning (and, of course, building the next big creation).

As adults, we need to remember to give children space and time during this process. While the main thrust of this edition of FOCUS speaks to
children’s creation, I am going to take a leap and talk about organizational creativity and innovation.

This year, Family Day is celebrating 165 years of service to the community; we are also launching our new strategic plan, which is steeped in the language of innovation. This new plan will launch us into the next five years as we explore and research new areas of service and programs, ensure we recruit the best and brightest staff, and create an environment that will allow our teams to be innovative and creative.