By Family Day Care

Fall 2017

As a registered charity operating in Ontario, Family Day is governed by a volunteer board of directors. I rely on this board to provide input and guidance, and to oversee the broader strategy of the agency’s programs and services. Our board members are recruited from a variety of professions, from finance and law to human resources and early learning and care.

We are currently recruiting new board members with various skill sets through an application and nomination process, and I would like to reach out to our parent community for representation. We are looking for people who use any Family Day service and who are interested in volunteering their time, knowledge and expertise.

The Family Day board meets 10 times each year, on the last Wednesday of the month in Toronto. We offer board members an orientation, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance, and membership in the Institute of Corporate Directors.

As busy parents with young children we recognize you have many priorities competing for your time and focus; adding one more obligation is likely a challenge. However, your voice matters at the board level to keep our conversations grounded in the needs of children and families. I encourage you to consider this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in being considered for a seat on our board, please email, contact the site supervisor at your program, or speak to your staff contact for the agency.

Cheers, Joan