By Family Day Care

Winter 2016

Welcome to 2016! The world of early learning and child care continues to evolve and transform with another set of regulation changes potentially arriving from the provincial government over the next couple of months. Family Day continues to work through the previous regulation changes for both our licensed home child care programs, and for our centre-based child care and school age programs. Through all this, our goal continues to be that of maintaining excellent program quality, and ensuring that children and families enjoy the programming they attend.

I encourage staff and families to keep an eye on announcements around early learning and care at the national level. Encourage your federal members of Parliament to think about support for families who need to access child care. Clearly, in these difficult economic times, the government may take a more measured approach, however, a national strategy on early learning and care in Canada is long overdue and necessary for families balancing multiple priorities. Strong commitment from the federal government will enhance funding in Ontario and improve access to affordable, regulated child care in this province.