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A Message to Parents

I wanted to reach out to you during these very challenging and uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all of us — our day to day lives and on our communities.

Based on the facts from our local Officers of Health we know there is a very short and time sensitive window to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve of the infection rate. This priority has resulted in the closure of all Family Day programs.

We understand that this has had a significant impact to families. I want to assure you that the management team at Family Day is here for you. We are very mindful that these closures may have created some barriers for your child care needs. As we continue to plan for the days ahead, we will continue to share the facts coming from our Officers of Health and governments as well as any directives we receive about resuming normal operations.

As we move forward together through these difficult times, we will continue to keep our website updated ( We encourage you to visit the site for information and to take advantage of the helpful resources that are also available on our site.

We are committed to working together with families and communities to manage this unprecedented situation.

It is our hope that you and your family are remaining healthy and safe. Our thoughts and good wishes are with those that have been directly impacted by COVID-19 .

Diane Daley, CEO