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COVID-19 | Agency Update

As of March 11, 2020 The World Health Organization (WHO)  declared that the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is now a pandemic.

Family Day recognizes that this rapidly changing situation is having an impact on a national scale in Canada, as well as in our local communities. Reducing the risks in our environment for children, families and staff is our top priority. The organization is actively working to reduce the potential risks that the spread of COVID-19 presents. We are actively working hard to identify, plan and prepare for any disruption of our day-to-day business or other threats associated with this pandemic.

What is Family Day doing in our programs? 

  • Taking direction from our local Officers of Health (Public Health Departments) to share and communicate the facts and current information about COVID-19 and how to reduce the risks of infection. This has been ongoing and will continue. (Please see links below.)
  • Stepping up our protocols to increase sanitary practices and procedures. This includes frequent handwashing routines for children and staff in all programs.
  • Taking other measures such as suspending shared sensory/water play. (For children who require sensory experiences, we will continue to provide individual sensory experiences – for example, individual containers of play dough.)
  • Closely monitoring all children for signs and symptoms of illness. Staff will immediately contact parents should we have concerns. 

What is Family Day doing at our head office?

  • Sharing the facts from our local Officers of Health to ensure all staff are advised on the current state and concerns related to the pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, so they self-manage to reduce risk.
  • Ensuring a comprehensive business continuity plan is in place and clearly communicated to staff and other stakeholders as relevant.
  • Immediately cancelling, modifying or postponing large meetings or gatherings to reduce contact between people.
  • Ensure administrative staff have increased remote access to technology to ensure all business-related functions continue with the least disruption as possible.

Although this situation has been identified as a pandemic with very serious associated risks and we are mindful that specific populations in particular are considered at high risk, the risk to healthy children and adults remains low.

Thank you for your cooperation and doing your best with infection control  Please check back for future updates.