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Our Future Leaders

As a service provider caring for young children, our priorities at Family Day are meeting our legislative requirements, related to health and safety, and working with children to create a sense of spontaneity and fun. Our before and after school program children are smart, inquisitive and inquiring learners, with many different questions and opinions.

Our programs are delivered in partnership with our school boards and we strive to make this a seamless experience for children. The educators in the program use approaches based on research. They listen to children and build on their interests, expanding on learning and concepts that children experience at school or home. What may seem to be a simple idea can sometimes launch into a complex learning experience for the children and the educator.

As CEO of Family Day, and an advocate of high-quality, licensed childcare, I see before and after school programs, in a safe and supervised environment, as a strong social support for families.

In our environment, we have opportunities to be the facilitators of children’s learning in very open ended ways. Our approach to learning creates opportunities to nurture curiosity and experiment on children’s unique interests and perspectives. As educators we also have an opportunity to learn from children. Our school age children are open to taking risks, experimenting and trying new ideas. They do not see barriers in the same
ways we do. They see potential!

Though we live in a society where there is much uncertainty, including the current worries regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and worries about our ecosystem, it’s certainly positive to recognize the potential these young people have, and the many possibilities for their future contributions.

Diane Daley, CEO