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Staying Connected

This unprecedented time has touched the lives of each of us. Almost overnight, our entire world as we once knew it has changed. Physical distancing, hand washing and self isolation are all new behaviours critical to our health and safety, in order to reduce our risks of contracting and spreading COVID-19. I am also learning to internalize these new behaviors, as my family and I work from home and do our part to reduce the spread of the virus.

The provincial government has ordered a shutdown of non-essential services, resulting in the mandated closures of licensed child care programs and EarlyON centres. Physical distancing is critical to flattening the curve and slowing the spread of infection. Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer reports that this strategy is working, but requires more time to have the impact we need to see. This time of uncertainty has caused a significant level of stress and hardship across communities. Family Day is aware that the closures of early learning programs have created barriers for families. Now, more than ever, social supports for children and families are very important to promote a sense of well-being and positive mental health.

Over the past six weeks, many Family Day staff have worked hard to stay connected with families. We have transitioned to offering programs virtually. Our online programs have supported us in staying connected with families, as we offer early learning programs on YouTube, Facebook Live and Story Park. It has been wonderful to see familiar faces of educators promote a sense of continuity through songs, stories and play-based activities. In this new environment when physical distancing is our new normal (for the time being), we encourage you to join in and enjoy these programs and stay connected with us virtually. You can check out our website at for updates and helpful resources.

We all look forward to connecting in person once it is safe to do so.  Stay Safe!

Diane Daley, CEO