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The far reaching impacts of the Pandemic (and the signs of renewal, rebirth & recovery!)

The pandemic exposed deep cracks in our systems, leaving many families in crisis.

While the switch to virtual/ online programming and service delivery may have eased geographical barriers for many, it caused considerable inconvenience and uncertainty for many more.

Research reveals that many families could not access the services and supports they relied on. These gaps have stalled or reversed progress for many children and youth. On average, for every 30 days of school closures, children lost about 32 days of learning. A significant number of students found remote learning a poor substitute for the classroom. Many missed out on learning altogether or forgot what they learned. In the short term, we as educators must assess learning and match instruction to our students’ learning levels, and keep our focus on foundational learning.

After navigating the negative physical, mental and financial impacts the pandemic has had on the well-being of families, there is hope on the horizon. However, what many of us had hoped would be a return to “normal” has in fact become the “new normal.” As a result, many families are experiencing anxiety and mixed feelings about post-pandemic life.

In our Summer 2023 edition of FOCUS, we look at the ways in which the pandemic has affected us, as well as some of the ongoing challenges we might be likely to experience in this new normal. We also have a few tips and suggestions for coping with post-pandemic life.

Thank you for your trust in Family Day Services. With spring’s full bloom behind us and the lazy, hazy days of summer about to begin, here’s hoping you and your family have plenty of chances to experience all the joys and traditions that the seasons bring.

Diane Daley, CEO  |  June 23, 2023