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The signs of spring are everywhere!

It seems that the winter season flew by without many major snow storms, I remember many winters past when our entire outdoors where covered in white for most of the season. This seems like such a long time ago. Many of us have commented about the lack of sunlight we have experienced this past winter, so I’m sure we welcome and look forward to the spring weather and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

At Family Day we are invested in outdoor education and engaging outdoors in all seasons. We embrace the opportunity to be out in nature, ensuring that the children in our care have great outdoor learning experiences regardless of the season. Over the years we have worked to reduce barriers to being outdoors in nature through taking a critical look at our attitudes, behavior and knowledge, as it relates to the benefits of being outdoors.

Like families, our educators play a key role in supporting this commitment to outdoor education. It’s amazing to see how our educators have championed this commitment in their programs. This is just one of the ways our valued educators bring their expertise, skills and knowledge to their work on a daily basis. In our Spring 2024 edition of FOCUS we shed light on Early Childhood Education and the skills, knowledge and expertise that Educators bring to the workforce.

For more information about outdoor education and to learn more about what we are doing in our programs, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we post regular examples of the outdoor learning happening in our programs. You can also speak to your child’s educator or your center supervisor.








Diane Daley, CEO