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Welcome 2024!

2024 is a new year and an opportunity for new beginnings. It’s that time of year when we bid goodbye to the past year and welcome a fresh year with the hope of accomplishing new goals for ourselves and our families.

Along with the New Year we get to enjoy the winter season and an opportunity to create positive outdoor memories. Young children love the outdoors and winter can be a time to create fun memories and rituals. Despite the drudgery of winter driving, snow removal, and heavy winter coats, many of us enjoy the fun that can be had in the winter season or when we have a heavy snowfall, such as learning how to skate, playing in the snow, or enjoying trails and walks in our local community.  In our Winter 2024 edition of FOCUS we hope to inspire you try out some of these ideas that make wintertime fun.

As we enter 2024, let us embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. At Family Day, we will continue to strive for excellence and innovation in everything we do. We remain committed to supporting and working with families, and most importantly your children, to create positive, fun experiences.

It’s our privilege to partner with you! I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! One that’s filled with growth and fulfillment and the joy that comes from making a meaningful impact together.

Diane Daley,  CEO